Review of the Day
The Looking Glass Wars

Erin is a "teenage girl [who] rants and raves about the important things: books, quotes, writing, reading, and life" at Miss Erin.  And, she’s the youngest member of the Cybils team, serving on the Fantasy/Sci Fi nominating panel.

Today she reviews Frank Beddor’s The Looking Glass Wars.


Lookingglasswars I went into this novel – "the true story of Alice in Wonderland" – rather uneasily, just having finished re-reading the real Alice. However, it is a Cybils nominee, and duty called. . . .

The author uses almost all of the elements/characters from Alice, yet somehow quite amazingly manages to give this story a unique and original feel of its own. This version tells the tale of Alyss Heart, heir to the throne of Wonderland, as she faces life in "our" world after the invasion of her Aunt Redd. Darkly thrilling adventures ensue and keep you turning page after page, dying to know what will happen next.

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