Meet Gregory K.

Howdy,folks!  Kelly here from Big A little a and The Edge of the Forest.  While we’re sitting around waiting for the judges to work their magic, we thought we’d introduce you to some of the bloggers behind The Cybils.

Today’s guest is Gregory K., who blogs at Gregory_kGotta Book.  He’s serving as a judge for the Poetry award, a fitting position as Gregory K. is the fib-meister.  Not sure what a fib is?  Then check out this post.  Greg also writes hilarious Oddaptaions (here’s the most recent–of How the Grinch Stole Christmas) and is working on his fib-based Middle Grade novel, The 14 Fabulous Fibs of Gregory K.

Today’s Meet a Cybils blogger is unusual because it’s a real-live interview!  That’s right, I met Gregory K. in person in the City of Angels today and asked him a few pertinent questions.  Here we go…

Kelly: What do you–Gregory K.–bring to the Poetry judging committee?

Gregory K: A love of poetry.  A love of children’s literature.  I also studied poetry in college, but I’m not sure it matters.

Kelly: Who is your favorite children’s poet, besides yourself, of course:

Gregory K: Shel Silverstein. Karla Kuskin.

Kelly: Tell me something about yourself that readers don’t know from your blog

Gregory K: I’m a sports nut. Baseball is my true love (especially the Red Sox–I lived in Boston during the baseball strike). I’m also a music junkie. And, I’m always cleaning my desk.

Kelly: Are you successful in the desk cleaning?

Gregory K: Never. Oh, and I took magic classes!

Kelly: What’s your best trick?

Gregory K: Some kind of card trick.

Kelly: You’ll have a Middle Grade novel out soon. Which Middle Grade writers and books do you especially like?

Gregory K: Lisa Yee. David LaRochelle. I also really liked Clementine (Sara Pennypacker), Pond Scum (Alan Silberberg), the Babymouse books (Jennifer and Matthew Holm), and Rickshaw Girl (Mitali Perkins).

Kelly: What are your hopes for 2007?

Gregory: For the world and the blogosphere to have open and honest discourse and discussion on issues large and small.