Some Interesting Facts about The 2006 Cybils

Just a few things I’ve noticed, the day after…

When we opened nominations for the 2006 Cybils back in October, we made sure to mention that the only rules were that nominated books have a 2006 copyright date and be published in English.

So, we’re glad to report that, even though The Cybils are run out of Chicago, Illinois, two of the winning authors are not from the United States: Jonathan Stroud is from England and Melanie Watt is from Quebec.

Also, there was great diversity in terms of publishers. Some books were published by huge, famous New York houses, some books were published by smaller publishing houses, some books were self-published. The results? Nine winning titles from 9 different publishers. Can you believe it? To be honest, I was surprised myself.

Oh, and do you want to know one more interesting tidbit? We were unable to track down review copies for one of the books that won. Panelists and judges had to find this book–in libraries, in bookstores–in order to review it. And it won! 

Kelly Herold, Cybils co-founder