Meet Patty Cryan

Patty Cryan has been a bookseller since 1987, specializing in children’s books and graphic novels, as well as fantasy, science fiction, and horror titles for adults. She brings this experience to her position as a judge for the Cybils Fantasy and Science Fiction category. Patty was originally asked to be a judge on the Middle Grade Fiction committee, but graciously agreed to switch to help us resolve a conflict that arose for another judge.

Pcphoto_1Q. Where do you blog, Patty?

A. Personal Blog: Syzygy. Book Blog: Bookseller By Night. I’m also known as "norda" on LiveJournal.

Q. How long have you been blogging?

A. I started my personal blog in May 2003, a separate book blog in June 2005, and its current incarnation in April 2006.

Q. Tell us a bit more about your life as a bookseller.

A. I have been employed by chains and independents, and am currently back to full-time self-employment with Mike’s Comics — a mail order company that my partner, Michael Salvo, founded in 1976. We have been doing Internet sales since 1996 and have recently incorporated my bookselling expertise into our daily operations. Our children’s book selection can be found here.

Q. Why do you blog, Patty?

A. My personal blog is a way to express my views; my book blog is a handy way to track what I’m reading and to make notes for myself of what others are reading. LiveJournal has a handy tool in its FriendsList, and many of those who link to my journals are avid readers as well. I mostly blog to keep in touch with other readers, writers and retailers. It helps me share the love I’ve had for books my entire life.

Q. What is it about kidlit that you love most? 

A. The infinite ways of telling new stories that may be as old as the hills. The range of language that helps children and young adults pinpoint their own feelings and enables them to articulate their own desires to be more.

Q. What was your favorite book that didn’t make the shortlist?


Q. Do you and your kids ever disagree on reading choices? Tell us about it. 

A. I don’t have kids of my own, but there are young folks I know who occasionally will balk when I suggest that they read something that was written before they were born. Even worse, something that was written before *I* was born! [grin]

Q. If you could have a fictional character visit you for a day, who would it be and how would you spend the time together? 

A. I’d love to spend the day with Fflewddur Fflam and have him regale me with tales of his adventures — keeping in mind, of course, that I’d have to hear them punctuated with snapping harpstrings.

Visit Patty’s blogs here and here for all sorts of bookseller doings and discussions.