Show me the money

I’d like to thank whoever ordered the gluten-free baking flour. I have a brother who’s allergic to wheat, so I empathize. And the person who bought an Epson printer for Christmas–I hope it’s treating you right. You rock. 

Hey, remember the sitcom "Soap"? It’s still tickling someone’s funny bone out there in Cybils land. But he or she can’t compare to the Hattie Big Sky fan who bought 10 copies of this story of a teenage pioneer. Think that person gave them away as gifts, or assigned them to a class?  I like to imagine it was the latter, and that those kids all got A’s.

Cybils supporters are a generous lot. I asked you to click through to Amazon and, amazingly, you did. Our commissions now top $230 to date–more than half of that after Christmas. You’ve also been nice about clicking on our ads to support our sponsors, who have given us a terrific boost.

If I do some quick (very quick, rounded down to whole numbers) arithmetic, we’re looking at $380 in the bank for Cybils. Yes, it’s still in my personal bank account until we can figure out where Cybils is going professionally, but I’m a nice, honest person and I swear I won’t run off with your money.

Kelly and I agreed we’d like to buy a snazzy little acrylic award for our winners. They’re not cheap–rinky dinky ones the size of silver dollars go for a smidgen less than $30 apiece. I’m hoping you’ll continue to shop through our site, and we can up the ante a bit for our winning authors and illustrators.

There will be other fundraisers later in the year, but this is working so well, I thought I’d give it another plug.

And don’t forget to click on the ads in the upper left. Our advertisers are the best–give ’em a boost.

–Anne Boles Levy, Book Buds Kidlit Reviews and Cybils co-founder