Working in tandem

We had a nice surprise from the folks at Tandem Library Books the other day. I first noticed our hits going through the roof–more than 500 by midday, a number that nearly rivaled our big announcement.

What’s up with that, I wondered.

But there wasn’t any link in the referrers; everyone was coming from emails and then remaining to browse the site, clicking through multiple posts and reading everything. How cool is that? But the mystery deepened.

Finally, our very own Mindy clued me in: Tandem was touting us to its members. Check out the nice things they said about us:

a group of children’s literature bloggers became fed up with lofty book
awards that failed to represent the true voice of the people, they did
what they do best: they blogged!

translated as Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literature Awards,
the Cybils are awarded to books based not only on literary quality, but
more importantly, on kid appeal. Nominations were open to anyone with a
love for children’s literature—and thousands rolled in. After much
discussion and debate, committees of bloggers decided the
winners. We’re proud to report that a member of our Collection
Development Team contributed her expertise as a panelist in the YA
Fiction category!

Of course that member of their team was Mindy. They also linked to us and printed a list of all the winners. Mindy says the other librarians are very excited about Cybils. They’re obviously very sensible people, wouldn’t you say?

Many thanks to Tandem for their high praise and support. We love you too!

–Anne, co-founder