About Anne Levy

Today we introduce Anne Boles Levy, Editor of the Cybils blog:

Me and my big mouth started this contest last year when I left a smart-alecky comment on Kelly Herold’s blog. I said us blogging upstarts should up and start our own contest. Kelly, being one of these organized types, took me up on it.

I began my foray into kidlit with Book Buds in 2004, still the place for smart, short (okay, usually short) reviews of new picture books. That led to some paid reviewing gigs of grown-up titles for the Los Angeles Times and also to an ongoing freelance job as Children’s Webpage Editor for the Poetry Foundation.

Before this, I labored in the salt mines at various newspapers, majored in English at Smith College and somehow earned an MS at Columbia’s J-school.

At home in Chicago, I share a sunlit shoebox overlooking Lake Michigan with the world’s most patient, forgiving husband and two extra-squeezable monsterlings, about 400 books and a laptop crammed with unpublished manuscripts, half-started children’s poems and scraps of ideas I’ll get to if Someday ever arrives.