About Sarah Stevenson

Today we introduce Sarah, our Graphic Novels organizer:

You might be more familiar with my blogging handle, a. fortis. I’m a writer and artist, as well as co-founder (with writer Tanita S. Davis) of the YA literature blogs Finding Wonderland: The WritingYA Weblog and ReadingYA: Readers’ Rants, both founded in 2005. I was a member of the Graphic Novels Nominating Committee for the 2006 Cybil Awards, and I contribute book reviews to The Edge of the Forest Online Children’s Literature Monthly.

My writing has appeared in web sites and print
publications including the Mills Quarterly, the informational web site Suite101.com,
the BBC Wales website, and the entertainment website IGN.com. One of my short
stories, "Literacy," was Runner-Up in the 2006 Permafrost Midnight Sun Fiction Contest, and I was awarded third
prize in the 2005 Smartwriters short story contest for young adult
fiction (publication forthcoming). I write my own young
adult novels as well as blogging about YA literature, and I do a variety of freelance work in editing and desktop publishing as well. My life is busy, but not boring!

As far as comics go, I’m far from being a fangirl, but I’ve been reading them off and on since discovering Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series when I was in high school. Besides Neil Gaiman, some of my favorite writer/artists are Chris Ware, Adrian Tomine, Marjane Satrapi, and Nick Bantock. I also love the Flight series of anthologies. I’ve only dabbled in creating comics myself, but I hope to do more than dabble one day.

I also enjoy travel, food (cooking and eating), video games, and blogging on my personal blog. My website is The Deckled Edge.