About Kelly Herold

We saved the best for last! Today we introduce our Director, Kelly Herold:

Kellycropped Kelly here. I’m a co-founder of the Cybils (along with Anne Boles Levy) and this year during our second annual awards process I’ll be filling an organizational role only. I’ll be dealing with our troublesome (just kidding!  Love you guys) blogger volunteers and serving as the publisher liaison.  I’m extremely proud of the Cybils and our mission: finding the very best books of the year children will love.

By day, I’m a professor of Russian Language and Literature. By night, I am a children’s book blogger, writer, and reviewer: I blog at Big A little a, review for Book Buds, and edit The Edge of the Forest, a monthly e-journal devoted to children’s literature. I’m also mother to two kids an eleven-year-old who prefers fiction, and a six-year-old who is all about the non-fiction and an audio book aficionado.