Introducing the Cybils widget

Isn’t this widget just lovely? It’s helping us highlight–and sell–the glorious children’s and young adult books nominated over the past seven weeks here at the 2007 Cybils. Refresh the page and see what happens. Ta-dah! A whole new book pops up.

Within the next few days, we expect to have our widget loaded with every nominated book–however many that turns out to be. (We’re still counting. Patience!) Plus it comes already linked to both Amazon and BookSense for easy shopping. Could it get any better?

Our beautiful widget comes to us from the fabulous crew at JacketFlap, whose mega-blog reader has us all addicted, and which has acted as a kind of portal for our cozy corner of the blogosphere. Our special thanks to Tracy Grand, who’s done all of this gratis.

You can build your own Cybils widget right here, and yes, you can customize the colors and genres. Go and get yours–soon, all the fashionable kidlit blogs will have them.

–Anne Levy, editor