REVIEW: Dragon’s Keep by Janet Lee Carey

Many of us old timers in the blogging world remember when it was just Tasha Saecker and … well, it was just Tasha Saecker. Back in the early days of ’03, her Kids Lit blog was pretty much the only one of its kind. She’s said if she knew what crazy names we’d all be giving our online journals, she’d have thought up something snazzier.

But we all love her just the way she is, with her original mix of reviews and news. Back in April, she reviewed Dragon’s Keep, where teenage Rosie stands to inherit the thrown of Camelot, but must keep secret a finger shaped like a dragon’s talon:

As time ticks away, people around Rosalind are killed by dragons and
anyone who discovers her claw is found dead.  She must discover the
strange connection between herself and the dragons and see if she can
live to fulfill the prophecy.

Carey does the near impossible
here and creates a unique and vibrant fantasy built upon Camelot and
Merlin.  Rosie is a wonderful heroine, caught in a situation beyond her
control but never turning away from her duty and destiny.

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