REVIEW: Flora Segunda by Ysabeau S. Wilce

If you can think of a more aptly named book blog than Bookshelves of Doom, let us know. We’re highly jealous. Leila Roy’s an "Uber-librarian" from Kennebunk, Maine, who de-bunks the book-burning censors. Okay, those who challenge or ban library books aren’t really burning them — yet — no doubt because Leila’s on their case.

She also does splendid book reviews full of meaty insights, and we’re lucky to have her on our Fantasy/Science Fiction panel this year. She recently dug into Flora Segunda, about an eponymous teenaged girl from the hard-luck Crackpot Hall, where she’s expected to give up Magick and join her mother’s army.

Flora Segunda takes place in the most interesting world I’ve read about in some time.  Everything about it — the politics and the history, the magic system, the language and culture.  The language and culture especially — it’s a strange mixture of modern and old-fashioned-y and fantasy/other.  There are references to Springheeled Jack and the Jabberwocky, yet at one point Udo gives Flora a ‘triple-dog dare’ and at another he says, "This totally sucks!"  There is a complicated system of manners that involves the exchanging of courtesies and a common oath/insult is "pigface".  It’s an odd mixture, but it really works.

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