REVIEW: The Periodic Table: Elements With Style by Adrian Dingle

Alas, Tricia from The Miss Rumphius Effect didn’t win a Weblog award (see this post here) but we’re still awed she was a finalist.

She recently reviewed a science book that’s, well, elementary, but she also gives us some personal glimpses into why it’s more than just another book to her:

My friends call me a closet nerd. Well, let me just put all my geekiness front and center and admit that I love
the periodic table. Yes, I was a biochemistry major in college and had
more than a passing acquaintance with this wonderful little
organizational tool.

But this is no ordinary primer on the periodic table, oh no. Tricia tells us why:

Were I to teach using this activity today, you can bet that The Periodic Table, a quirky little volume by Adrian Dingle, would definitely be a prime resource. Can Mendeleev’s baby be cool and fun? Absolutely!

Go read the rest, which includes excerpts from the book.

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