Snowflake auctions–tell us if you ended up bidding

Hey, who you calling a flake?

For those who’ve been following the phenomenon of Robert’s Snow, the auction begins today. Jules and Eisha have the round-up of all the different artists who donated their talents to decorating a snowflake, with links to the bloggers who profiled them. There’s also a list on this blog (right column, scroll down a bit), thanks to Tricia of the Miss Rumphius Effect.

Your money will go toward the fight against cancer. Your snowflake will go toward uplifting your spirits this holiday season.

Congratulations to everyone who participated, and to Jules for pulling it off so smoothly. She insists no one–artist or blogger–flaked out on her, which is a testament to her powers of persuasion and to the wonder of our tight-knit community.

Now go bid! Bid big! Let’s break the record for these things, folks. If you do bid, tell us which one you set your heart on here in the comments. We’re not prying into how much; that’s none of our bees wax. We just wanna peak at your coveted snowflake and ooh and aah some.

Good luck to everyone.