Picture this …

Look at this magnificent fountain pen:

Is this not hot? Would this not look stunning with our Cybils logo stamped onto the clip?

We can do it. We can offer our winning authors and illustrators a real award this year.

All we need is money. Oh yeah, that.

I got Cybils’ first bank statement yesterday, and we have $660 and change in there. Can we triple that amount? That’s what we’d need to assure every winner one of these lovelies (and, alas, pay the IRS their share too. I just filed a W-9 with BlogAds).

Speaking of ads, a couple hundred bucks are due in from those. Have you clicked on any ads today? Support our supporters! One or two clicks from each of you would go a long way toward keeping them happy. 

But–oh, you Scrooges!–you’re not buying books through us this year. You’re admiring your magic widget and refreshing your pages and drooling at all the sexy book covers and NOT buying them.

We’ve made $13.00 in Amazon commissions since Black Friday. That’s just sad. I couldn’t pay postage on one of those lovely pens with that. I’m not asking you buy anything not already on your shopping list. Just click here at Cybils first, and then find, say, a book cover in a review, or the Amazon ad. There’s even a link at the bottom of the FlapJacket widget.

Once on their site, we’ll still get credit for anything you buy.

Many thanks for supporting us.