REVIEW: When Gorilla Goes Walking by Nikki Grimes

Cloudscome blogs over at A Wrung Sponge and is a poetry fanatic. A librarian and a regular Poetry Friday contributor, Cloudscome is also a dab hand at the haiku. Luckily for the Cybils, Cloudscome is serving as a judge on the Poetry Committee this year. Today, she shares her review of the 2007 Cybils nominated title, When Gorilla Goes Walking, by Nikki Grimes:

When Gorilla Goes Walking is a charmer. The story–told in verse–concerns a cat named Gorilla and
two girl friends each named Cecilia. One Cecilia has three brothers and
the other (the story’s narrator) has none. She begs her mother for a
pet and gets a cat; not just any cat but a fierce, independent, clever,
"rain-cloud gray" cool cat named Gorilla.

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