AdaptiveBlue and Cybils and you

Anne the Editor here. Lately, I’ve been getting offers from Internet start-ups to test some super widget or other. I said "yes" to AdaptiveBlue, without even knowing it was already spreading like cold germs in a kindergarten.

Their SmartLinks (click here for a demo) looked like it would help us with two of Cybils’ goals: fostering a sense of community and putting great books in your hands.

You’ll notice tiny blue boxes next to many Amazon links. Click on a blue box and you can compare prices at several different online booksellers, or add the book to your favorite reading community, such as GoodReads or Shelfari. Or Google the author, or, or … I dunno. That’s about the extent of my technological know-how.

In time, I’ll be able to add affiliate IDs for BookSense and Barnes & Noble (Powells is already in the works). There are other features that will eventually make life easier on our organizers, who’ve been coding everything by hand for your shopping convenience. No more!

The AdaptiveBlue team has been incredibly responsive to my numerous,
verbose queries. I am a serious pain in their rears (though always
well-intended and polite). Wanna join me?

Click and then critique. Let ’em know what you love or hate. What makes a visit here easier, or is too confusing to bother.

This is a unique opportunity to catch the attention of some
smartypants start-up types before they get too big for their high-tech

Whaddya think? Let ’em know. Leave a comment and I’ll pass it along, good or bad or so-so.

UPDATE: These guys got so excited that I’m posting about them, they offered to help with the write-up. Heh. They don’t know me very well.

Here’s what they want to tell you:

A few things to mention is that the smartlinks make the best info
from across the web, for the specific book, directly available from
your site. Their aim is to provide a richer browser experience for your
readers. Also, we do not accept money for placement of the links in the
pane, they are popular book links and recommendations from our
community (ie WorldCat was suggested – it finds the book at local

Now you know.

Comment away …