Into the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst

Sarah at Reading YA: Readers’ Rants has whipped our Graphics Novel list into shape as organizer, turning in a superb batch of finalists despite endless hassles locating wayward copies of books.

As you might suspect from her blog’s title, she loves books pitched to teens, and recently read Into the Wild (from our fantasy short list) about Rapunzel’s daughter, Julie:

Julie’s just a normal twelve-year-old girl–so normal, in fact, that
she sometimes wishes her mother weren’t an escaped fairy-tale character
with weird friends like the embarrassingly outlandish Cindy (aka
Cinderella) or the egotistical Goldie (Goldilocks). And she really
wishes that she didn’t have to deal with the Wild living under her bed
and trying to eat all her stuff…until one day, the Wild escapes and
begins taking over the town, absorbing everyone into its fairy tales.
Even worse, it’s taken her mother.

Read the rest here.