Look who’s excited

Now, that’s what we call enthusiasm. The Japanator website got a bit excited about Yotsuba&! making the finals on our graphic novels list, wouldn’t you say?

They’re joined by Newsarama, a GN blog, who posted our list, and Nick Abadzis, who’s pleased to find his Laika included.

And we leave this author speechless at her fantasy novel, Northlander, making the cut:

I’m excited and shocked and absolutely beyond thrilled! To have
been nominated at all was a surprise, and making the teen/YA shortlist
is…well, there kind of aren’t words!

Check out her long list of reviews–many of them from Cybils’ bloggers.

Sesame Street’s Grover gets in on the act over at Carrie Jones’ blog, where they’re celebrating Tips on Having a Gay (ex)Boyfriend on the YA shortlist:

I think the people who judge and nominate the Cybils are really
amazing, thoughtful, brilliant people who care about books, really,
really care about books.

We agree! And, hey, Carrie’s publisher’s impressed too. In sending out the book to the YA judges, they stuck on a sticker saying, "Precious Cargo: One Cybils shortlist nominee enclosed" (hat tip: Jen). Ain’t that sweet?

We’re even above the Newbery’s on Ypulse.

Once again, we’re indebted to our authors and illustrators not only for books that make this whole process such a joy, but for helping spread the word.