Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Author Kim Baccellia joins us this year as a panelist in Fantasy and Science Fiction, where she was one of the first on this side of the pond to review Incarceron. So far, it’s only available in Britain, but panelists couldn’t resist including it in the short list. Kim gives us a glimpse into its pages:

Flinn has no memory except bits of pieces from Outside. He lives in a vast prison where cruelty and danger is the norm.
Claudia lives in a manor house stuck in a 17th century world run by computers.

A world were artists and poets are doomed to endless repetitions of the past.

Her life is about to change as she’s about to marry a spoiled prince and enter a society filled with whispers of assassination plots. Her father is Warden of Incarceron, the prison which is tucked away. No one can enter and no one can leave.

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