Attention, Teachers!

Get your students nominating!

At the Kidlitosphere Conference last month in Portland, we held a Cybils session, and one helpful audience member gave us a most excellent suggestion. It’s really a suggestion for the classroom, so we’re passing it along to all you Cybils-blog-reading teachers out there.

The idea is to get your classes involved in nominating books for the Cybils. Why not make it a class project to suggest books, discuss them, and decide on a nomination to put forward as a class in one or more categories? Then you can check back to see if the favorite book of your class makes the Cybils short list. Imagine how your students will feel if their book wins!

Just remember, the title should have kid appeal AND literary merit…both great topics for class discussion in and of themselves!

–Sarah Stevenson, Deputy Editor

Please note that multiple nominations do not increase a book’s chance of winning – one nomination is enough to get your class’s favorite book considered.