Introducing Anne Levy, Cybils Sherpa

Hey all.  I just thought up that title you see above.  Hope you like it.  Not that we’re scaling Everest here, even if the TBR pile does seem mountainous at times. 

I see my role as a mere pointer-outer-of-hazards and seeker-of-safe-routes.  Leaders are people who bark orders and managers crack the whip to get it done.  I just say, "Let’s put on a contest!" And you all do it.  Amazing!  **applauds fabulous volunteers**

I do have actual credentials lying around someplace.  I am an ex-ex-journalist.  I took such pride telling people my escape pod jettisoned long before the MSM imploded.  I turned to mommying, blogging and generally getting on with things. Recently, my husband asked me to please consider gainful employment again but I went back to journalism anyway.  I’m now a news writer for a small agency. I.e., a lowly hack in a sweat factory.  I love it.

The information highway is littered with the rusting hulks of my abandoned blogs.  I wrote Inland Empress and Book Buds, and co-founded Cybils along with Kelly Herold.  I’ll be judging in Fantasy and Science Fiction this year, a topic I’ve covered in book reviews for the "Los Angeles Times." 

Welcome to Cybils.  Let’s put on a contest!

–Anne Levy