Cinder Rabbit by Lynn Hazen

Terry Doherty, one of our panelists for the Easy Readers category, is the Executive Director of The Reading Tub, a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting reading and literacy, written by parents, professors, and children's literature enthusiasts. Her goal is help make great kids' books accessible and encourage reading, and her book reviews do just that.

Over the summer, Terry reviewed Cybils nominee Cinder Rabbit, written by Lynn E. Hazen and illustrated by Elyse Pastel. In her thorough run-down of the title, Terry includes helpful information besides a simple summary, such as the recommended age of potential readers, the pros and cons, "little kid reactions" and "big kid reactions," and educational themes. Most importantly, though, she explains why this title will appeal to children and adults alike:

Try as she might, Zoe is a bunny that can't hop. The play is just four days away! Can she hop to it? In this bunn-i-fied version of Cinderella, kids learn that sometimes we need a cast of friends to help us.

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