Elections and Kids — Open Thread

Whether we elect the first African-American president or the first female vice president, today's a rather historic day, wouldn't you say?  So let's take a break from Cybils judging and gab a bit about America's big day at the polls.

What'd you tell your kids about it?  In my household, my son told ME — in no uncertain terms.  He explained how to fill out a ballot and even which name to choose (in case I haven't been paying attention these last 20+ months).  He stressed this was very important in that tone of voice six-year-olds get when they're quite sure their hopelessly unhip parents will likely screw this up. 

Did your kids, students or peers give you fits of giggles this week?  Please share your anecdotes about KIDS and the election … just keep it kind and no snarking on other commenters.

Haters (on either side) will be deleted.