A big, fat shout-out with pom-poms and megaphones to our panelists

Three holiday cheers for our panelists, who're busily plowing through the 840+ nominated books on our 2008 list.  Sheila Ruth built a fabulous, behind-the-scenes database that shows 89% of the titles have gotten at least one read.  Since that number doesn't include the non-fiction picture book folks, it's probably closer to 100%, or just about.  

I've promised publishers, authors and the book-reading universe in years past that every nominee would get a read.  I'd cross my fingers and hold my breath that it would actually happen.  Now I have proof!

Even more remarkable, more than 80% have gotten at least two reads.  All I can say is THANKS, in all-caps.

Some of you are keeping track on your blogs.  Check out Becky's Book Blog and her impressive list.  Note all the cross-offs.  It's even more impressive when you realize they're all YA books.  Is she made of awesome, or what?

Semicolon hopes she can get through all 80 titles on her list, while Readerbuzz has only five more to go.  Kim Baccellia reviews two nominees and Elaine at Blue Rose Girls has some reviews up for a recent Poetry Friday. 

Prize for the ultimate themed list goes to Laini at Grow Wings for a look at fairy tale-themed Cybils nominees.   

Speaking of lists, we get some love from Random House, which posts about their four nominees. 

Have I said a big, fat thanks yet to our panelists?  Oh wait, I did.  Well, another couldn't hurt.  Thanks.  Seriously.

–Anne Levy, Editor