Hip Hop Speaks to Children

We've met Kelly Fineman, children's poet, writer, and blogger at Writing and Ruminating, a few weeks ago when we posted her co-review (with 7-Imp Jules) of Frankenstein Takes the Cake. This week, we're featuring one of her solo reviews posted at her LiveJournal blog, where she reviews children's books in addition to, well, ruminating about writing.

This fall, Kelly looked at a new title from the Poetry Speaks to Children series, Hip Hop Speaks to Children, edited by well-known author Nikki Giovanni. This volume, illustrated with energy and variety by five different artists (Kristen Balouch, Michele
Noiset, Jeremy Tugeau, Alicia Vergel de Dios, and Damian Ward), includes an audio CD with not only hip hop tracks but other rhythmic poetry selections sure to appeal to kids. Kelly says:

[K]ids are going to love it in a big way for its used of rhythmic poems and the inclusion of selections that sound like something they might actually listen to on their own.

Read the full review here.