Nic Bishop Frogs

Fiona Bayrock is not only our fabulous category organizer for Non-Fiction Picture Books, she's also a bit of an authority on the subject, being a writer herself of science books for kids and author of the upcoming Bubble Homes and Fish Farts (doesn't the title alone just make you want to rush out and buy it?). She reviews books and blogs about the life of a children's writer on her blog Books and 'Rocks.

One of the books Fiona featured on her blog was Non-Fiction Picture Book finalist Nic Bishop Frogs. This book is not only a lush photographic journey through the amphibious world of those ever-popular hoppers, but also features fun, informally written, yet informative text covering everything kids might want to know about frogs. According to Fiona:

His ability to catch animals in action and his exquisite attention to detail and sharp, sharp close-ups leave me shaking my head in awe.

Read the full review here.