Savvy by Ingrid Law

Oh, those wonderful 7-Imps! Jules and Eisha of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast have some of the coolest interviews and most in-depth reviews around. I know I speak for many of us around the kidlitosphere in saying that I feel like they're my blogging soul sisters; moreover, they've been an integral part of the Cybils from way back when in Aught Six.

One of their co-reviews, sent in by Fantasy and Sci-Fi judging panelist Eisha, was of finalist title Savvy by Ingrid Law. This middle-grade fantasy novel tells the story of "Mibs" Beaumont, who is on the cusp of thirteen and on the verge of coming into her rather unusual birthright–the "savvy." Her savvy powers could be anything–one of her brothers can even create hurricanes–but will they be enough to solve her problems? Or enough to save her father? Says Eisha:

The idea of a family of extra-specially-abled people is irresistibly cool, but the author does a good job of painting a realistic picture of what that would really mean.

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