One Last Reviews Roundup

We really wanted to make sure that all of our winning titles were featured on the Cybils blog in some way–and we also wanted to plug just a few more of our wonderful, hardworking, blogging volunteers–so here's one last roundup of reviews of Cybils-winning titles that haven't yet been featured here on the main blog.

Don't leave yet! Lastly, here's just one more tidbit of fabulous Cybils love that was sent our way by the author of Non-Fiction Picture Books winner Nic Bishop Frogs:

I just wanted to say how excited I was to see my book Nic Bishop Frogs as Cybils non-fiction picture book winner. And, of course, to pass on my thanks to all at Cybils, and the judges who took time to look through all the books… It's a great honor to be on the Cybils and to see non-fiction being promoted, and it is especially exciting for me to see the appreciation of photography in children's non-fiction.

–Sarah Stevenson, Deputy Editor