Houndsley and Catina and the Quiet Time

Andi, aka Cloudscome, describes herself as "a librarian posting about multiculti kid's books, poetry, knitting, my garden and gluten free cooking." She blogs at A Wrung Sponge, and she was also a nominating panelist for this year's Cybils Easy Readers category.

Earlier this winter, Cloudscome reviewed a very wintry sort of book, finalist title Houndsley and Catina and the Quiet Time, written by James Howe and illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay. In this book, two friends who have been preparing for a concert find themselves all snowed in. Catina reacts with anxiety, but Houndsley is content to simply sit and watch the world fill with snow.

Howe's language is so poetic in spite of the limited vocabulary and concrete imagery that beginning readers require.

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