Life Sucks

Gail Gauthier is the author of several books for children and middle-grade readers, but she's also a blogger at Original Content, where she writes thoughtfully on a number of writing-related topics as well as posting reviews. She's been doing it since…get ready…2002! Wow. This year, Gail is on our Graphic Novels judging panel.

Recently, Gail reviewed a finalist for the Graphic Novels category–First Second title Life Sucks by Jessica Abel, Gabe Soria, and Warren Pleece. You might have heard of this one back in May, when lots of bloggers participated in an informally organized "vampire month." Well, this book has achieved eternal life as a Cybils finalist, thanks to its clever premise, droll sense of humor, and fitting artwork. In her post, Gail talks about protagonist Dave, who just can't stomach human blood:

This means he'll never become a strapping, healthy vampire, just a miserable, little weak one with a job working permanent nights. Really permanent.

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