Kidlitosphere Resources

Ever wished you could find a list of kidlitosphere blogs all in one place, but didn't know where to find such a wondrous item? Well, look no more, because there are no fewer than FOUR (and probably more…) fabulous collections of kidlit links to help take you on a tour of children's and YA literature from the perspective of writers, readers, librarians, parents, editors, and more.

The one that absolutely everyone should check out is the more or less "official" home of the kidlitosphere, Kidlitosphere Central. Find out who the usual suspects are in the kidlit blog world–including most (if not all) of our Cybils panelists, access some excellent lists of blogs, and get your info about upcoming conferences and multi-blog events.

You probably already know about our own Anastasia Suen (Easy Readers Category Organizer) and her gigantor list of blogs, right? If you don't, go check it out–it's organized by category and is nothing short of exhaustive!

There are also blog rings and aggregators for those interested in the latest posts in the kidlitosphere. The best-known blog ring is probably the one at–it requires signing up, but you'll get code for your own site and you'll be able to see the latest posts from those blogs which take part. Lastly, an impressive number of children's lit blogs–with up to five latest posts–are aggregated at Alltop, which we found thanks to Graphic Novels panelist Gina MarySol Ruiz of AmoXcalli and Cuentecitos.

Here's to finding what you're looking for!

–Sarah Stevenson, Deputy Editor