Judging Stuff, Part II

The Cybils '09 season is launching soon and we need judges in every genre of children's and YA literature. If you:

  • blog about some aspect of children's or teen books on at least a somewhat consistent basis;
  • or contribute regularly to a group blog about same;
  • know a thing or two about what kids/teens are reading these days;
  • are planning to be reading obsessively over the next few months anyway

…we may have a spot for you.

You start by emailing us at cybils09 (at) gmail (dot) com. It's a group email so that our organizers can get excited when they see the names coming in from prospective volunteers. Yay! But, like, it's not the place to bare your soul or send NSFW pictures of your pet fish. Not that you would.

Here's what we need:

  • subject line sez "cybils 09 judge"
  • include your name, blog name and URL
  • let us know your 1st and 2nd choice genres
  • would you prefer round 1 or round 2 judging?

Before you email us: You've read this bit here, right? Right? Because we had a big problem last year with people not, um, doing what this says they need to do.

Make sure you pay attention to the bit about it's being A WHOLE LOTTA WORK. That'll save us the trouble of having to complain about you behind your back. Not that we would.

Welcome back!
-Anne Levy,
Cybils admin.