Some info about ’09 nominations

We're ramping up for our Grand Opening in a just a few days now. There's a great, big change you need to know about. From now on, we're only taking nominations from people we like.

Fortunately, we're not terribly discriminating, so you're still invited back on Oct. 1.

But wait, there's less. As in, you don't have to scroll through all the comments to figure out what to nominate. We'll be posting a form, thanks once again to the technical wizardry of Sheila Ruth.

The form will ask for a single nomination in a single genre. Fill it out. Send it. It comes back blank, ready for another round. Try to weasel another nomination in the same genre and it … eletrocutes you. Nah, it just calls you insulting names and tells you to try again. Same thing if you nominate a book that's already been suggested by someone else.

So, you say, where is this magical form? Oho–we're saving that for our special day. Hint: It's October 1st.

Oh, and you'll need to find ISBN numbers on Amazon, but don't worry about that just yet. While you're there, buy some stuff using our affiliate ID so we can raise money.

More on the fundraising stuff another time. Much more.

See you Oct. 1!
–Anne Levy, Cybils Supreme Maximum Leader*

*tell me if you like my new title. Do ya? Do ya? I think it really fits me. See here for past discussions on my title.