Introducing Kelly Fineman, Poetry Category

Today we meet Kelly Fineman, organizer of the Poetry category:


Dear Madam,

It is with some trepidation that I respond to your request for a biography of Mrs Kelly Fineman, as one is not often asked for such details about the life of another–and in such a public forum! Mrs Fineman is, I believe, an authoress, and I know her to be making inquiries into my life for purposes of preparing a biography, although why one would wish to write about my life–and in poetry, no less!–remains a bit of a mystery to me.

/s/ Jane Austen


Here’s what we can tell you about Kelly: she has been known to make us wait as long as a day after we’ve asked for her attention. Also, she and that Austen lady (hello, lady!) tried to keep us locked in a back storeroom last week; we didn’t mind so much once they tossed in a six-pack, but still. Also, Kelly has been known to skip off to write poetry when you least expect it. And don’t get us started on all that reading!

/s/ Standing and Sideways Trouble, Gnomes