The Last Invisible Boy by Evan Kuhlman

Sharon Hrycewicz of Bend in the Road says of becoming a children's librarian that coming to work in the library for the first time felt like "coming home." This year, she's one of our panelists for the Easy Readers and Short Chapter Books category, but on her blog she writes about all kinds of realistic fiction for kids, including Middle Grade books like today's featured title.

LastInvisibleBoy The Last Invisible Boy by Evan Kuhlman is the illustrated memoir of Finn, who is slowly turning invisible. Yep, invisible. This epistolary novel, Sharon says, is sure to appeal to readers who enjoyed Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and it's also a good read for guys.

"In telling his story, Finn makes lists, draws his life and unfolds a very funny yet poignant story," she notes in the review. Read the full post here.