What Can You Do with an Old Red Shoe?

Susan Thomsen, our category organizer for MG/YA Non-Fiction, posts about a dizzying array of book-related topics on her blog, Chicken Spaghetti, where she's been posting since 2005. Recently, she reviewed a Non-Fiction/Information Picture Book nominee that's bound to come in handy during these wintry holiday days when kids are on vacation from school and looking for something to do.

WhatCanYouDo What Can You Do with an Old Red Shoe? A Green Activity Book About Reuse, by Anna Alter, contains fun projects for kids and their parents using recycled or re-used household materials, such as leftover holiday gift wrap, which can be used to make cards next year. In her review, Susan describes the appeal of the book:

Written for parents and young children working together, the picture book, which is populated by friendly-looking (and busy) animal characters, should inspire some new ways of looking at everyday objects.

Click here for the full review and a few more ideas for fun projects!