Good Dog, Aggie by Lorie Ries

If you're over a certain age, the title Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs brings back memories of the unforgettably-illustrated children's classic, but it also happens to be the blog of Amanda Blau, one of our Round II Judges for the Easy Readers and Short Chapter Books category. Amanda is a children's librarian in the Chicago area who posts reviews of a variety of kids' and YA books.

GoodDogAggie During the fall, Amanda posted a review of one of the Cybils finalists: Good Dog, Aggie, written by Lori Ries and illustrated by Frank W. Dormer. This tale features the classic pair of a boy and a dog, and is well-suited to beginning or struggling readers:

Ries manages the fine art of storytelling in short sentences and with short words. This book is very friendly to beginning readers. The stories are simple, but filled with action. The pictures support the story showing the action described in the text which is helpful for readers who may struggle with the words.

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