The Book That Eats People

Although Bethany Gatto's blog Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian is a fairly new blog on the kidlit block, it's clear that she's got a sense of fun and the requisite love of reading that we like to see around here. She also blogs about the different and innovative ways she uses technology in the library.

BookThatEatsPeople Bethany's a Cybils Round II Judge for Fiction Picture Books, and in the fall she looked at one of the finalist titles, The Book That Eats People, written by John Perry and illustrated by Mark Fearing. Bethany took a different tack for her post about this title and interviewed a young reader at her library about what she thought of the book. This glib young personage describes the book as follows: "This book is about a book that you should never read while eating food. If you do, it will eat. you. up." She also says, "I would recommend this book to my annoying brother."

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