The Day-Glo Brothers by Chris Barton

SimplyScience is an indispensable blog for any teacher looking for great kids' books to incorporate into classroom science curriculum–Shirley Smith Duke not only reviews books but also provides suggestions for lessons and activities to accompany each one. Shirley is a Round II Judge this year for Non-Fiction Picture Books.

DayGloBrothers Today's featured review is Shirley's post about The Day-Glo Brothers, written by Chris Barton (who's been a longtime blogger over at Bartography) and illustrated by Tony Persiani. The book traces the accidental discovery and development of Day-Glo paint by the Switzer brothers. Shirley says in her review:

Explanations about light, fluorescence, and refraction fit nicely into the narrative of the brothers’ lives as Barton details the steps of their progress. The quality writing in this glowing nonfiction makes the story readable and the interesting stages along the way keep the pace brisk.

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