Updating our FAQs

I'm going to update our FAQs again soon and would appreciate knowing your nagging questions about Cybils.  I'm especially interested in hearing from authors and publishing professionals, as I sense these two groups are having the most trouble understanding what the heck we're up to. 

I'm worried our communications haven't always been clear and we've fallen back into thinking everyone is used to us by now, and that's simply not so. We want to avoid cliquishness at all costs.

Please leave your questions here in the comments or email me at cybils09@gmails.com.  Don't worry about sounding brusque or impatient — if we're not answering your questions up front, we're doing something wrong.

Thanks for your patience, everyone.  FAQs will be updated in a week or so, whenever I feel like I've gotten at least some feedback.  Note that they say they're updated, but the date reads November 2007.  We've changed a lot since then.

And any bloggers who wish to post on this and send people our way to comment — thanks in advance.  We could use some help.

–Anne Levy, Cybils Admin.