Cybils Awards Store

Yes, we’ll be ordering stickers and high-res images for finalists and winners. What a great way to make a book jacket leap out at readers and promote a top-notch title.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.



  • $50 for 250 stickers
  • $185 for 1,000 stickers
  • $600 for 5,000 stickers
  • Shipping & Handling varies with amount (see below)

Finalist stickers are on silver foil;


Stickers + Shipping/Handling

Winner stickers are on gold foil.


Stickers + Shipping/Handling

If you need only a handful — or more than 10,000 — please contact

Big orders are super easy to accommodate, and several small orders can be bundled together to keep the price low.

High-Resolution Images

These are available immediately.

Note: We don’t have a long licensing agreement in legalese. All we ask is that if you’re interested in a high-res file, you buy one for each title that’s a finalist or winner.


  • $250 for your first image
  • $125 for subsequent ones  

So if you’re a publisher and you have two finalists (congrats!) you’ll pay $375.

The logos can be used for both hard cover and paperback editions, and for all promotions for the winning or short-listed book.

We offer files as Illustrator, Photoshop or TIF files. Links to all three versions will be sent upon payment, usually the same day. 

First Image:

Additional Images:

Any problems? Email me at anne (at) inlandempress (dot) com and I’ll respond asap.