Adventures in Cartooning

I always feel a little weird tooting my own horn on the Cybils blog, but I had to share my review of two of our Cybils graphic novel finalists–little did I know, when I wrote about both of these in the same post, that they'd end up on the short list and I'd have to evaluate them as a Round II judge!

AdventuresinCartooning At the beginning of last summer, I reviewed two titles from First Second Books: Adventures in Cartooning: How to Turn Your Doodles into Comics by James Sturm (pictured at left) and Creepy Crawly Crime (Joey Fly, Private Eye) by Aaron Reynolds. Here's a quote from the review, describing Creepy Crawly Crime:

There's a lot here to entertain older readers as well as kids–the puns and turns of phrase are particularly rewarding if you have any familiarity at all with traditional detective fiction, and I can absolutely see this being a fun one for parents to read aloud to (or with) kids.

Read both reviews here.