A Double Dose of Great News!

Kelly Fineman, our wondrous Poetry Organizer, has taken third place in the Writer's Digest Poetry Competition. Her poem is called "Inside the New Mall" and she's jumping up and down over at her blog. Go send her some virtual hugs.

Congrats, Kelly!

One more bit of news. I entered, ahem, a draft of Chapter 1 of my own unfinished novel to the Gotham Writers Workshop for some sort of YA Novel Discovery Contest. Back in November, methinks. Promptly forgot about it.

They apparently didn't forget me.

I'm a finalist! Out of 1,700 entries. Gah. I win a free pitch session. No idea what that means or how to do it. I'm an introvert! I can't win a contest where I have to talk! What good is that?

So … a great reason to be nervous now.


Update: One of the semi-finalists is Janelle Bitikofer, former Cybils volunteer.  She was a Round II judge from the 2007-8 year. Congrats, Janelle!

Hat tip: Sheila.