Presenting a Cybil Award Fund Drive

Fortunately for you, unlike those aggravatingly long pledge breaks on
NPR and PBS, there aren't annoying ringing phones…but we ARE going to
ask you for your generous donations. Look over there on the right-hand
side of this page, and you'll find a PayPal "donate" button. Whatever
you can manage to slip us, from one dollar to a hundred, we'll happily
take it and apply it toward the cost of an actual, physical award for
Cybils award winners.

At this stage in the game, we're a bit short of where we need to be
to be able to afford the awards we have our eye on, hence this plea for
your hard-earned cash.

Okay, you say, okay. I'll donate. But
where, you inquire, are my fabulous prizes? Do I get a car?

We'd love to be able to say, if you donate X amount of dollars to
the Cybils, we'll send you a shiny new coffee mug, tote bag, and our
undying gratitude…oh, wait! We can! At our nifty CafePress store, you
can buy all the Cybils swag you could want, with a portion of the
proceeds going towards our award fund. Two awesome things for the price
of one! You get cool Cybils stuff, we get to bestow non-cheesy awards
upon our winning authors and illustrators. Oh yeah; did we mention the
undying gratitude??

–Sarah Stevenson, blog editor