2010 Nominations

The poetry category ends up being home to quite a mix of entries, but it’s important to note that not every book that contains a poem belongs here.

WHAT BELONGS IN THE POETRY CATEGORY: Poetry collections of all sorts, whether for toddlers, school-aged kids or teens.

What’s a poetry collection? It could be an anthology of poems by a variety of poets, or a collection of poems by just one poet. It could be illustrated with pictures or contain no pictures at all. It could be written for toddlers, teens, or any age in between, but if it is a collection of poems, this is where it goes.

WHAT DOESN’T BELONG IN THE POETRY CATEGORY: Picture books that consist of a single poem – those go in the appropriate picture book category (fiction or non-fiction). Novels in verse belong in the appropriate fiction category (based on age range and whether or not the verse novel is science fiction or fantasy).

–Kelly Fineman, category organizer

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