A word for our sponsors

We have two ads on our blog now in our center column, which I'm not about to take for granted. I watched ad revenue dry up last year and never recuperate.

One of the ads is from the independent publishing firm run by our own Sheila Ruth. She's rightly very proud of the "Ratha" series so please give her ad a click and check it out. You may find a new treasure to add to your groaning bookshelves.

The other ad is from a national campaign. I've had a heckuva time convincing the BlogAds people that we are seasonal in nature and not to let that spook them. Our numbers look bad when spread over the year, but they're amazing every autumn, when a thousand page views a day is routine.

Landing a national ad is therefore a big deal. Clicking on it will send the message that we can generate an audience for book-related advertisers. With some luck, we'll catch the eye of more such accounts.

Thanks, everyone!

–Anne Levy, Cybils Admin.