Introducing Jen Robinson, Literacy Evangelist

JenHawaii2009 As a child, Jen Robinson pretty much always had a book in her hand. Yes, even when she was swimming out to a raft in the middle of a lake (holding the book up high with one hand). Yes, even when she was climbing trees (with three younger brothers and sisters, she had to take quiet spots where she could find them). As she grew older, she found herself compelled to put books into other children's hands, so that they could share her own joyful experience. Because walking around the streets handing out children's books to strangers turned out to be impractical, she was fortunate to discover blogging. Now she tries to put books into kids' hands indirectly, by making book recommendations to parents and teachers and spreading the word about the Cybils. These days she mostly puts the books themselves into the hands of her five month old daughter, nicknamed Baby Bookworm.

–Jen Robinson, Jen Robinson's Book Page & PBS Booklights