Introducing Kerry Millar, Middle Grade Fiction Category

Kerry2010 You know you are a kidlit blogger for life when someone (adult book person) asks you what you read over the summer and you pause… pause… (pause more)… because you are wracking your brain trying to think of the last Important Grown Up Book you read. But it's really hard. So you give up and name the last book your husband read. Or else Mockingjay. That one freaks them out. Conversation over.

Good thing there’s a place for us kidlitophiles to talk books with people who get it. I’m excited to be back for another year as category organizer for Middle Grade Fiction. I’m a teacher / blogger / baker / dreamer. I’ve been blogging at Shelf Elf for three years. I also write reviews for Guys Lit Wire and work with the fabulous readergirlz community as one of the postergirlz. Let the celebration of kids’ books begin!

–Kerry Millar, Shelf Elf