Introducing Sheila Ruth, Fantasy and Science Fiction Category

Sheila2010 Sheila Ruth learned to read peering at the pages of Analog Science Fact & Fiction and F&SF magazines over her father’s shoulder. By fourth grade she was reading the stories of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Andre Norton, and Robert Heinlein (except for a few naughty ones her parents wouldn’t let her read). In fifth grade, a teacher put a copy of Lord of the Rings into her hands, and it was love at first sight. Throughout her adult years, she continued to read fantasy and science fiction, mostly preferring big, deep, and complex books with sociological themes and rich world-building. Like many other adults, she was struck by the lightning bolt called Harry Potter when she started reading it along with her son. Combining an interest in children’s and young adult books with her lifelong love of SFF, Sheila enjoys helping young people to discover the new worlds and new ideas that have always fascinated her.

–Sheila Ruth, Wands and Worlds